Tree of Life (Music of Silence Project)
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Tree of Life (Music of Silence Project)
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Пантомима, Театър
acting, deaf, mime, music of silence, pantomime, theatre, tree of life
Andjela Krvavac, Andrea Forca, Ivan Beader, Ivan Radinovic, Jasna Jozic, Milena Martic, Milos Pantic, Milosav Vasic, Mina Manojlovic, Nenad Novakov, Suzana Simic, Vojislav Djordjevic, Zorica Simic
Marko Stojanovic

Tree of Life

Mime play performed by hearing impaired children and university students of acting.

Written by Marko Stojanovic and Bojan Mijatovic

Directed by Marko Stojanovic

Music by Sloboda Trkulja (Special thanks for allowing us to use his music)

„Tree of Life“ is a part of the „Music of Silence“ Project that has since been implemented in different countries around the world. It was designed by Marko Stojanovic, president of the World Mime Organisation and mostly carried out by him personally through workshops of mime for hearing impaired children that he is teaching completely for free.

Marko taught „Music of Silence“ free workshops in Serbia, Czechia, Romania, Georgia, China, Iran…

The title of the project „Music of Silence“ was inspired by Marcel Marceau as he was saying:“Listen to silence. Silence is music.“