27 април 2023
20:00 ч
VIATHEATRE.NET - частично живо излъчване
Съвременен, Танц


Duration: 60 minutes

Choreographer: Stefaniya Georgieva

Dancers: Kalina Georgieva, Dorina Puncheva, Eleonora Miteva, Anita Bakalova, Rebekka Pichler, Violeta Matiushenko

Music: Dobromir Kisyov
Dramaturge: Yasen Vasilev
Costumes: Gergana Dimova and Mariya Popova – | LENÉCRA |
Video: Viviyan Parvanova

Photographers: Ivan-Alexander Ivanov and Roslana Damyanova

Between the devil and the deep blue sea is an idiom in the English language, meaning a dilemma. Stefaniya Georgieva starts from her interest in the physical manifestations of the body’s split in the face of an impossible choice. She works with the personal stories of her international team of performers and stages them as tableaux vivants in the frame of a New Year’s Eve celebration that is both nostalgic and monumental.

What happens physically to the body when we face a difficult choice offering no favourable outcome? Where is the question localized in the body, and can we dance with the dilemma? What principles of movement does it produce, and what stages the body goes through before reaching a solution? What happens to society’s collective body when it’s going through this process of choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea? The current work is the first iteration of a long-term research trajectory based on these questions.

The project was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the National Culture Fund for 2022.